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Keep track of any types of vacations and leaves for your company and staffs.


What's New in My Vacation Tracker for Common Staff Version 3.20 (First release; released on Jan 30th, 2013)

  • With My Vacation Tracker C/S Edition, now you can create common staff account and each staff can log on using "My Vacation Tracker for Common Staff" and check his/her own vacation/leave plans and entitlements by himself or herself in real-time from the same server.
  • Common staff account can now print the chart report.
  • Common staff account can now print the list report with all vacation/leave plans.
  • Common staff account can export any report to PDF files.


  • My Vacation Tracker C/S Edition server program must be installed on one of your computer on the network prior you can open "My Vacation Tracker for Common Staff".

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