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My Vacation Tracker

Plan, Schedule, Track, Calculate and Get Statistics
for Vacations and Leaves

Keep track of any types of vacations and leaves for your company and staffs.


What's New in Version 2.40 (released on February 12th, 2009)

  • Able to set up staff row spacing (from Preferences -> General).
  • Able to set up staff row separator line style and color (from Preferences -> General).
  • Able to set up weekends colors on the planner chart (from Preferences -> General).
  • Able to set up date/time label font's size (from Preferences -> General).
  • Able to adjust the hint display duration (from Preferences -> General).
  • Able to show a hint window with the staff's detail information if you move the mouse over a staff's name on the planner chart.
    birthday cake
  • Able to show an icon on each staff's birthday on the planner chart.
    birthday cake
  • Fixed the bug of cannot modify existing type's name on Preferences window.
  • Fixed some bugs related to private holidays
  • Some other minor bugs fixed.

Upgrade Policy

  • Free upgrade for both V1.x and V2.x users. Your V1.x's license user/key still works with V2.

How to Upgrade from V2.x

  • Do not uninstall your current version (v2.x).
  • During the installation process, the "Upgrade" option will be selected automatically. Follow the installation wizard then your old version will be overwritten automatically. All existing data will be untouched.
  • Done.

How to Upgrade from V1.x

  • Do not uninstall V1.x. V2 can coexist with V1.x on the same computer. V2's data is independent with V1.x.
  • During the V2's installation process, make sure the installation folder is different with your current V1.x's installation folder. By default, it uses a different folder of V1.x.
  • After you finish V2's installation, make sure My Vacation Tracker V2 is not running. Then go to the Start -> Programs -> My Vacation Tracker V2 ->Database Migration Tool (from V1.x to V2.x). The "Database Migration Tool" will be launched. Follow the on-screen instructions to import your V1's data into V2.
  • Start V2 from Start -> Programs -> My Vacation Tracker V2 ->My Vacation Tracker. You will see all of your V1's data in V2.
  • Phase out V1.