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Share Data

  • Basic Information

When you want to share the vacation/leave tracking data on your network, My Vacation Tracker C/S Edition is the right solution for you. Different users can view/modify/delete the same copy of data simultaneously. It has a server program and a client program. What you do is install the server program on a computer acting as a server, install client program on computers where you want to access the vacation/leave data. Then hook up each client to the same server by specify your server computer's IP address or the "Computer Name" on the network.

  • No Need for Dedicated Server Machine

My Vacation Tracker C/S Edition's server program does not require a dedicated server machine. It can be installed on Windows XP/Windows 2000/Windows 2003/Windows Vista/Windows 2008. The server program will hold all data on the server computer. The server program can coexist with the client program on the same machine.

  • LAN Access

When you have installed your copies of the client program, you are supposed to run "My Vacation Tracker Database Settings Tools" once to set up the connection to the server. You need to specify either the server's Computer Name on the same network or the server's IP address. If your network is a DHCP netowrk which means each computer's IP address will keep changing, you need to specify the server's "Computer Name" instead of its IP address.