My Vacation Tracker Free Trial

The trial version is FULLY functional for fifteen (15) days!

My Vacation Tracker

Plan, Schedule, Track, Calculate and Get Statistics
for Vacations and Leaves

Keep track of any types of vacations and leaves for your company and staffs.


Backup/Restore Your Database

  • Free "Database Management Tool" Provided with the server program

After you install My Vacation Tracker C/S Server, you can launch "Database Management Tool" from the Windows Start Button -> Programs -> My Vacation Tracker CS-> Database Management Tool.

  • Backup to a Single File

Each backup archive is a single file. You can burn it on a CD/DVD disc, or copy it to your external hard drive or tapes.

  • Restore All Data from a Single File

If you want to restore from a former backup archive, it is as easy as point and click. In "Database Management Tool", go to File -> Restore and choose the former backup archive, that's it. Make sure you disconnect all clients before you restore the database.

  • Create Flexible Backup Schedules

You can create flexible backup schedules such as hourly backup, daily backup, weekly backup, monthly backup and yearly backup. Then My Vacation Tracker Server will backup all data automatically according to the schedule set.